Winegars for the win

Recently I posted A LOT on advertising commercials and campaigns in preparation for a final class project involving case studies of large scale campaigns.  While I enjoy advertising I think I’ve tired that subject entirely and need to move on.  But first I would like to give special mention to the customer service and PR of one particular local company, Winegars. 

Winegars is a local coffee and ice cream company in Ellensburg that is simply delicous.  Aside from having great products, they have great PR.  The company utilizes all forms of social media and well at that.  They regularly post on facebook and twitter, hold contests, and post photos.  But what they do the best is simply engaging. 

They respond to their followers, they repost topics relating to them and even ones that don’t but highlight people doing really great things.  This is something more businesses need to take lead on.  Winegars relationships are something that every company should parallel, especially the local ones.  Winegars even takes things a step further then social media through email.  

Winegars has a pretty sweet rewards program that offers points and free things and all that jazz but it also serves as loyalty program.  If you don’t stop in to Winegar’s for a said amount of time they will shoot you an email saying literally, “where did you go?” and offer a free item up to $5 to get you back into the store.  Talk about smart. 

Winegars takes such drastic efforts because of the local competition here.  Yet the thing is, the competition doesn’t even began to match the efforts Winegars makes towards its customers.  Kudos Winegars, kudos. 


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