The new face: blogging.

Well the quarter is drawing to a close and graduation is days away something hit me today, I am almost done blogging!  This simple fact was lost in my craziness of getting through final presentations and final paperwork. 

I must say, I have had a bittersweet relationship with blogging over this past quarter. Part of internship I also recently completed required I blog for them as well.  As you can imagine by this point in time I would expect to be sick of blogging.  My internship was working on a book campaign and in part of I conducted a blogger outreach campaign on behalf of them.  My duties included reaching out to a certain demographic of bloggers relating to the book, following their blogs, and frequently commenting on them (almost too frequently I might add).  That combined with blogging for my class had me blog happy this quarter. 

The odd thing, as much as I dreaded it in the beginning of the quarter, I actually find it quite relaxing now.  I can read about issues I personally find interesting and report my thoughts on them.  I used to write all the time and anyone would constantly find me writing stories, opinions, virtually anything.  Then I came to Central and got overwhelmed by course loads and homework and clubs and writing took a back burner.  At the beginning of this quarter it was hard to me to switch gears into my thoughts and my views.  My internship was a non-partisan organization so my blogging on behalf of them was viewless.  Then starting this blog, I realized my opinions did matter and even if nobody but Liz would read them, they were an outlet for me. 

However, to put all this in a PR lens and get credit for this post, blogging got me excited and I began wanting to read company blogs and what topics my idols were blogging about.  This in turn led me to realize that blogging has hit the PR world.  Blogging is as much a part of the growing face of PR and advertising and consumer relations as anything.  Virtually every large company has a blog and utilizes it.  Shocking to me!

As a PR senior I considered myself to up to date with everything media and PR related, I seem to have dropped the ball on keeping up with blogs.  Thankfully this class has given me an insight and has brought my writing girl back out. 


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