Social Media Startup

Recently I took on the crazy role of social media for my work, Carl’s Jr.  Since this location in Ellensburg opened only last March they have yet to utilize any sort of social media from a local standpoint. 

The process was quite fun in retrospect.  I first scheduled a meeting with the owner of my location and explained the importance of social media and what it could do for his business.  After convincing him I set up accounts for twitter and facebook and a seperate email to operate them on.  I sat him down and showed him the ropes and we got it up and rolling!

Next came the troubles.  Apparently another account was created for Carl’s Jr when we first opened but was not properly updated or used.  The location was wrong, the address wrong, no posts were created, yet the cover photo was our new promo breakfast item that was just recently released?  Weird.

The interesting part behind all this was I had never created a business facebook page.  I’ve upkept them and posted on behalf of them, but never actually created one.  It was interesting to see the behind the scenes and actually have that leadership role. 

It makes me consider how large scale companies and business deal with crisis on the social media front and what steps they take.  My mini crisis of figuring out how to delete a page that is used by our name yet not ours and trying a plan to direct people to the correct page was crisis enough for me. 


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