Redbull gives you…flavors?

The notorious sports extreme, energy drink company redbull recently released a new product line.  Since the beginning of energy drink time redbull has been considered a leader in the energy drink world.  It’s a little hard to believe since up until now they have only had two flavors, redbull original and original sugar free. While all it’s competitors have released various flavors and lines of many new products within their markets. 

Finally redbull is kicking up the notch and releasing some new options for it’s consumers.  The new line features blueberry, lime and cranberry redbull.  Shocking from redbull and advertising efforts were just that.  Redbull held dozens of events, got unparalleling media attention, and overall considered a successful release. 

Memorial day weekend I started my new job at the Gorge amphitheater in George, Wa.  I work the beer stands and sell various drinks and alcohol to the attendees of large scale events.  This year the gorge paired with redbull to sell redbull exclusively and no other energy drinks.  The interesting part was seeing the behind the scenes of redbull and what their strategy at these large events is.  

Redbull gave every stand an official rebull cooler fridge to hold product in and had a specific arrangement they wanted.  Redbull reps were walking the shows checking those coolers and ensuring all product was out and visible and in the exact order they wanted.  They did this to give special notice to their new flavor line and highlight what they had to offer.

By the end of the four day weekend we had sold out of lime and blueberry venue wide and was close on the cranberry, yet plenty of original remained in the warehouse.  Interesting play redbull.  I’m curious to see how the other shows will play out. 


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