Instagram is already taken over the consumer world but now has hit the business world as well! More and more businesses are turning to instagram as a new way of connecting with their consumers.  While they can connect in the same ways as facebook and twitter, instagram offers a new way to do this. 

Instagram offers businesses a way to virtually share their products via photos and hashtags and consumers are eating it up.  Small boutiques are capitalizing in on this too and have proven very successful even in this small town. 

The features that instagram offers is unparallelling and provides consumers a whole new way to connect.  Obviously this is true by the large following and the way instagram hit the market with millions of users but it took a little longer for businesses to realize this.

Businesses are not only sharing their products and thoughts but connecting with the consumers through their pictures and their personal lives.  The interaction between consumers and businesses is changing the face of brand image now more than ever and this is only adding to that fact. 


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