Happy Happy giveaway!

Recently I celebrated my 23rd birthday.  While the days leading up to I was trying to figure out plans with my family and friends and how I wanted to celebrate, those are the only people I was thinking of.

I have traditions with my little sister to go out to dinner each year and celebrate with her then later comes the ‘adult celebrations’ with the bars or alcohol of some sort and the friend celebrations.  Through all these plans I got more and more excited and the actual day of with everyone wishing me a happy birthday I was on top of the moon. 

However the people I never expected to wish me a Happy Birthday was businesses.  This year more than ever I received so many business ‘Happy Birthdays’ and giveaways from companies that I subscribe and receive newsletters from to restaurants I have rewards cards with.

It was a shock at first but the more I thought about it, the more genius it became.  Companies give themselves fantastic PR and positive company image by doing things like reaching out to customers but they take it to a whole new level when they personalize them to your birthday.  Brand image is such a major factor in company success and it really is the little things that create customer loyalty.  Consumers like to feel appreciated and sending a personal birthday greeting makes them feel like they really are apart of the company. 

Local companies that celebrated with me included Winegars, Roadhouse, Wing Central, D&M, and Pasta Co.  Other statewide and even national chains also sent me greetings!  More companies should take this approach. 


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