Customer mishap

In a world where consumers control the market more than ever, it’s appalling some of the customer service that exists out there.  

This past week while preparing for graduation I got to the fun part, outfit shopping.  I searched everywhere from Ellensburg to Yakima looking for the perfect dress to celebrate in.  Finally I found one at the Maurices in Union Gap and things started to fall into place.  I found a dress and matching shoes and couldn’t have been more esthetic.  

When I returned home and tried on the whole outfit together to model for my roommates I quickly discovered a problem; one of the shoes was a size 7 (the size I needed) and the other was a size 10.  

I called the Ellensburg maurice’s, since I live in Ellensburg, and explained the situation.  The sales associate could not have cared less, literally.  She was uninterested, unresponsive, did nothing to help the situation and made me feel silly for even having the problem.  Um, excuse me.  This was your company that made the error.

 I then called the Yakima store and explained the story and how I was just in there and live in Ellensburg and etc. etc.  Complete turnaround.  The associates at that store could not have been more helpful.  She was apologetic, helpful and wanted to fix the situation.  

The issue is when you have multiple branches of companies, you need to have the same focus and the same goal company wide.  Customers depend on stability when they shop from branch to branch and they should feel comfortable going to any of them and expect the same service.  It’s like Starbucks, you want to know you can go to any Starbucks and get the same drink and have it taste the same.

Customer service is key.  I am more opt now to drive to Yakima just to shop where they’re friendly then go to the Ellensburg store.  


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