Amanda Knox capitlizes

Amanda Knox writes a book. Wait, what?

It’s true.  The infamous Amanda Knox has decided to capitalize in on her “fame” by writing an autobiography about her time spent in the Italian jail.  If by case you haven’t heard who Amanda Knox is or her story I’ll give a brief background…

Amanda Knox was an exchange student from the University of Washington who traveled to Italy for what was supposed to be a semester.  She traveled there, met a boy, was having the time of her life until, her roommate, Meridith was found dead in their flat.  During the investigation evidence supposedly linked Amanda and her boyfriend to the murder.  Amanda swears by her innocence and after a lengthy period of time spent in oversea jail was finally released on an evidence technicality.  

Currently the Italian courts are trying to bring Amanda back in a retrial and prove her guilt. 

So in the middle of this, Amanda releases a very private book about her time in Italy both in and out of jail.  Why would she do this at this exact timing one might ask? The obvious answer is the money.  It’s no secret her parents paid out bucko bucks for attorneys and other fees during this crisis so releasing a book that she could capitilize on would allow her family some of the financial burden taken off.  The other side to the coin is why release such personal details about the crisis during a time when Italy is building a case against you for murder.

During some of Amanda’s first interviews with the Italian police her story often changed and changed again.  So with her background publishing a book releasing hard facts might not be such a smart move.  When you give such definite details behind a major scandal like this one, you create a hard story for yourself.  Not that she is in any way lying or altering details but attorneys can be ruthless.  The Italian courts are looking to bring her down and are going to take the details she releases in this book to use against her.  So she better make sure each and every detail matches the story she told the police or girl is going to have issues.

I’m looking forward to reading this book and seeing the outcome of the details of retrial as they come.


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