Advertising conquers

What makes a good commercial?  The ultimate advertising question.  The answer not so simple.  Commercials are the most influential way for brands and companies to reach out to their consumers and speak to the loudest audience at once.  Commercials allow companies to preview what they have to offer in comparison to their competitors and attempt to beat them out for business.

One company stands out as doing just that in their new humorous commercials alongside their company rebrand.  K-Marts new commercials highlight new features about the business and do so in a fun and captivating way.

The first commercials highlights the ‘Ship your pants’ option to ship anything to a store near you or from a store to your home.  The commercial features a play on words shipyourpants said speedy fast to sounds like another similar phrase.

The second commercials features the same humor using ‘big gas savings’ to highlight K-Marts new gas line available at select stores.

Both commercials feature a range of adults, children and everyday consumers taking humor and having fun in the new product launches.

K-Mart, you’re doing it right.


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