the new face of night activities

The Lounge is a local business run in Ellensburg, WA by young entrepreneur T.J. McDonald.  The Lounge is a very unique hookah bar that are few and far between in the economy of today where risk is greater.  McDonald opened The Lounge two years ago after jumping through many hoops with the city and county ordinances.  Hookah is form of flavored tobacco that is non-addictive that you smoke using a specific type of instrument with water in the bottom and heated coals on top to burn the sheesa. 

            The Lounge functions with the international dimension in a positive way because tobacco is largely brought in from other countries and other parts of the world.  The Lounge’s main seller item is tobacco which due to the international dimensions of world trade and barter we are able to obtain here in America as well.  With new markets in other countries and the increasingly popular dynamics of country to country trade as well as outsourcing we are exposed and made available things otherwise not imagined, as we in return provide goods and services to other countries that too would otherwise be left without.  Trade is particularly important to the success of The Lounge because they outsource their buying of tobacco to companies that do get their tobacco products directly from trade. 

            The technological dimensions of The Lounge are also important in that the instruments used to smoke hookah are largely new to this decade and didn’t exist just a few short years ago.  Advancements have been made in recent years that are opening up the world to more and more new things.  Other technological advances also play into the use of hookah in the coals that were developed for this use and the simple things of using water, a very common resource, to push smoke up through the hookah instrument.  Coals and the use of fire is also a very common resource but harnessing that into something greater and something so creative and making mini square coals that match perfectly with the smoke the water blows up and creating a flameless burning of the sheesa.  Without the use of such instruments, smoking sheesa would never have existed. 

            Sociocultural dimensions of The Lounge are very unique to the specific type of business this is. While a certain demographic and age group are the primary crowd and audience of The Lounge yet the establishment is not aimed that way and nobody is excluded.  I personally have seen many many types of people and of all ages enjoying the business yet there is always a sort of revolving crowd that is drawn there.  This plays into all factors of the general environment and the vibe the business gives off.  With only selling one product it makes sense a specific crowd would be attracted to the business because they all have that common element in share, sheesa.  Consumers not interested in sheesa or smoking hookah aren’t going to wander into The Lounge because there would be nothing there for them.  Another factor to consider is Ellensburg being a small population town that plays into the demographics and sociocultural as well.  The natural dimension of The Lounge are largely obvious with tobacco being a resource grown in the land and using natural resources to grow tobacco plants, the constant state of keeping up with the news and changing natural state of not only America’s land but countries we do trade with as well is essential.  Natural resources and the state of these resources is largely impact based on the success of The Lounge.  If natural resources don’t allow for tobacco crops to be harvested then The Lounge has no business to run.


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