Pucker Vodka

Pucker Vodka-For there being so many different brands of each alcohol, companies really have to make themselves stand out from the others.  I think this commercial really does it. 

The ad is bright, innovative, attention capturing, and has a catchy tune to it.  The way they designed it to be so modern is exactly what’s needed for their market and target audience.  Typically vodka companies want to express fun and bright, youthful, ideas because the main audience is just that, people who like to have fun. 

This commercial does exactly that.  Going further it adds exploding lemons which is perfect to express the lemonade flavor and make the point that this vodka has flavor to it.  People often associate lemons with a tart taste and psychically seeing the lemons on screen, and exploding at that, gets my taste buds going.  Once I see them it instantly takes me to that tart sweet taste and my mouth starts watering.  For being a commercial about food or drink, that’s exactly what’s needed; the taste in your mouth that you can’t seem to get rid of until you drink or eat said food. 

For Pucker introducing this new lemonade vodka, they did a nice job of portraying it out to really make me go out and try the new stuff.


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