PR tactics and the changing face

Tactics and techniques used by professionals in America have also proved to be very successful if performed and utilized correctly.  Surveys, media kits, press releases, social media, interviews, and communication strategies are all great forms of techniques public relation professionals use today.  Surveys conducted through mail, e-mail, phone interviews, or face to face lobbying is one very successful element in gathering information and making business decisions.  Surveys can gauge your market and provide insight for virtually most decisions a business might consider implementing.  Media kits are another great tactic when utilized correctly.  Media kits contain lots of content and provide editors and reporters with a variety of information and resources to make the topic being brought to attention easier to report on.  Media kits most commonly include a main press release, a news feature about the topic, fact sheets on the topic, a backgrounder providing background information on the topic, photos and drawings with captions, a bio on the main person regarding the topic, and basic contact information.  Pitches which are short emails or letters to editors that will grab their attention about a particular event, product, person, etc. is another strong tactic used in modern day public relations.  All these tactics are strategies utilized in both American and international public relations today and are all tactics I am learning to use and plan on utilizing in my career.  While these tactics are all very strong and efficient, one tactic stands out as stronger in my eyes.

Social media is the fastest growing trend in this day and age.  Social media is virtually everywhere and now used for virtually anything.  From connecting with friends to reviewing businesses to advertising, social media is more than a trend.  Social media sites such as,,, blogspot and many many more are being utilized by both consumers and businesses and are connecting them in ways never thought imagined.  By being able to connect easier with your consumers your options are limitless.  The video “Social Revolution 2012” provides an in-depth look at just how much social media has really grown and the importance it plays in the professional world today.  The internet is truly everywhere and it’s so important for public relations and all businesses to utilize this growing trend. 

Tactics and strategies used today in both international and American public relations are constantly growing and expanding.  Linking the two and learning the fine craft of becoming a successful public relations professional is what my future holds for me.  From classwork, courses, PRSSA, Agency, internships, professional connections, and all my future has in store, I’m excited to become a part of one of the fastest growing industries today.  


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