K9 Advantix

K9 Advantix-I find this commercial to be persuasive because of its catchiness.  Viewers instantly recognize the ad from the moment the tune starts and I would imagine most sing along like I do.

They put a cute puppy as the center focus and came up with really creative lyrics to a popular tune.  The puppy factor draws attention and the point they are trying to make is thoroughly made through the lyrics.  The lyrics also make you think about what the product really does and states the symptoms relived which for me having a dog, really does make me think. The fact they had it coming from a dog too drives it home.

The ad is perfect for this season so the marketing behind it is very effective.  The ad particularly markets t o family households, most likely with children, and for that market they played the situation out perfectly. Having an ad easily recognized makes people more likely to remember it. Especially when they’re out shopping and see the product for instance, they’re instantly brought back to viewing the commercial, the song starts playing in their head, and I guarantee they smile; that to me is good advertising.



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