The new JcPenny, or more commonly known now as JCP, has taken drastic turns in reaching out to its consumers and giving them what they want.  The company recently underwent a complete rebranding after changing through a few CEO’s and trying to find its footing over the past few years.  

In re-inventing JCPenny’s as JCP, the company did thorough research, focus groups, consumer surveys, virtually every technique was utilized.  The result: a new brand image that gives its competitors a run for their money.

The new commercials unveiling the new JCP explain to their consumers and stockholders that they took all the research performed and they listened.  They discuss the changes coming, apologize for past mistakes, and talk about where the new JCP is headed.

Changes feature lower prices, new style, new product lines, a new home sections, virtually an entire revamp.  Clothing is up to date and changing with all the trends, all products compete with equally priced competitors. 

The thing that stands out about this campaign is the way they explained that they really listened to the changes the consumers wanted, and are now implementing them.  

See the commercial here: 


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