Future Innovators

Best Buy “Future Innovators”-This ad for new technology and what you can do with it is so inspiring to watch. 

It shows average looking people, just like most viewing the commercial, going out and doing amazing things with new technology and laptops they purchased at Best Buy.  It has the persuasive factor because of how empowering it is.  You watch the ad and think to yourself, “wow I could do something like that”. 

Even if you know you probably can’t it’s the feeling you get when you see other people doing great things.  Like after you watch some crazy movie, fast and the furious for example, everybody wants to go out and drive crazy, drift corners, and etc.  This commercial makes me think I need a new laptop so I can try and create something amazing. 

The commercial shows various people using various products Best Buy sells and at the end states how you can even trade in your old technology to upgrade to new stuff.  The catch phrase they have, “when the technology is right, anything can happen” just adds to the thought that you yourself could do these things which is what people want to envision when making purchases.  They want to picture themselves actually using the product and this ad does just that.


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