Crisis Management

The PR effect of Crisis Management discusses various crisis management tools and pairs examples of public relations gone wrong.  This article provides multiple main insight articles that show how crisis management is so important in everyday life.  The first example is the infamous ‘finger in the chili’ public relations nightmare regarding the food chain Wendy’s.  This crisis situation for this example was how dramatically sales dropped after the incident and how Wendy’s picked up the pieces.  Another prime example involves McDonald’s and the lady who claimed to have received a deep fried chicken head mixed in with her chicken nuggets and the steps taken to recover from the public spotlight and thoughts perceived against McDonald’s.  The article provides numerous other examples and breaks down each in an interesting and insightful way.  Along with each example is the damage done and the steps taken to provide crisis management by public relations professionals in aiding the situation.  The article highlights the importance of crisis management for each example and states how public relations played a large part in each.

Using I searched various articles relating to crisis management then refined my search to included specifically public relations, since this is my career path I will be taking.  The main reason I chose this article is because of its excellence is showing how crisis management is so important these days with the changing face of businesses and companies everywhere, especially with the vast growing field of social media and what changes this is making to businesses and word of mouth today.  Business approaches today in efforts to make money are closely correlated with all forms of management for successful operations but the most important in my eyes is crisis management.  Non-operational wise, crisis management is the glue for the face of public relations and is much underrepresented as a facet of communications today.  I agree with this article in the way it highlights this and the extreme examples it chooses to share.  Crisis management is being taught as one of the most up and coming forms of communication management in the public relations world today and its interesting reading this article to see that displayed elsewhere than the classroom.


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