AT&T It Can Wait

AT&T “It Can Wait” don’t text and drive campaign-Although short, I find these commercials to be extremely moving and persuasive in the way they represent the message of the campaign.

They keep it short and to the point but I find it to carry I heavier weight then most commercials with all the extras and length.  The simplicity yet seriousness lay on the repercussions and leave you almost speechless when you really think about what the ad is saying.

The fact is texting and driving does kill and it seems most don’t take it as serious as it should be viewed, by the ad showing how a simple text message just as “yeah” has gotten people killed it really makes you think.  The ad also appeals to audiences of all ages including youth to mothers to just the average person by inserting all these people in and showing the effects texting and driving has had on them or their loved ones it creates a seriousness that some ads lack.

This campaign is a multi-piece ad showing various scenarios where people who lost loved ones or people who were seriously injured in relation to texting and driving show messages that were so simple and non-important texts sent to received that resulted in death or injury.  The messages they use with the simplicity and non-urgency is what really drives the ad home for me.


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