Above the Influence

Above The Influence-The Above The Influence ad campaign is pretty persuasive among most their ads but one stands out to me as really getting the messages across well. 

The commercial shows a girl at a party who goes into the bathroom to throw up, indicting she’s been drinking, but when the camera shows the toilet it shows various pictures, trophy’s, yearbooks, etc. with the catch phrase “you’re not the only thing getting wasted”. 

This concept and the way it’s created and follow through is one of the most persuasive commercials I’ve seen geared towards teens not using.  It shows all the real things that you can lose by starting drinking or getting involved with drugs at such a young age.  This campaign also explains that if you don’t give in to peer pressure, you’re not the only one, which is important for people at such an impressionable age to hear.  I think using teens in the commercials appeals to the target audience more because it makes them feel as if they can relate and puts a clearer image in their head, hey if this person or all these people can have fun without drinking, maybe I can too. 

Ad campaigns like this need to be put out there because all too often parents don’t discuss the repercussions of drugs and alcohol until it’s too late.  Even if the only information teens get is from ads and commercials, it’s better than nothing.



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