Women beating the odds-International

We’ve all heard of poverty and third world countries and we’re all aware of the living situations in those countries.  We think we know all about them but the hard truth is you will know the extreme of the situations unless you live them.

Here is the US we have so many benefits and options available to us that we take for granted because of the culture we grew up in.  Our generation has never had to deal with basic schooling because it was given to us, even made a law in some states.  Simple things such as food handlers permits and getting our first jobs at 16 came easy; basic things people often take for granted because we feel a sense of entitlement to them.  I’m not saying everyones life is so easy or was growing up, I’m fully aware that poverty exists in our country too but it’s not to such an extreme.  It’s simple things are they lack in some countries such as clothing and basic, basic knowledge.  

One group of women is breaking out against all odds and creating a better life for them and their families.  As the new year is being celebrated in Myanmar, women are celebrating new options available to them made possible through a storefront called The Yangon Bakehouse.  

The Yangon Bakehouse is almost structured as a college for the women.  Basic instruction in skills such as food preparation as well as in other areas such as reproductive health, personal finance, hospitality and English are taught.  The women of this business have truly amazing stories and deserve to be where they are today.  

“One of the women preparing food spent years in prison without due process under Myanmar’s previous regime, another has come out of the sex trade, two others were orphaned during cyclone Nargis in 2008.”

As the article states, their stores are hard. One women explains how proud she is that she’s acquired these skills because she can now afford to make her children’s school uniforms and pay school fee’s that she previously was unable to do on her own (those are fees are about $45 US dollars).  When reading her statement you can literally imagine the proudness of herself and her skills as if she were standing right in front of you speaking.  It’s extremely motivating.

Kelly Macdonald, creator and mind behind the Yangon Bakehouse says, “We realize that we can’t change Myanmar ten women at a time, but for those ten women, we hope to make a difference.”



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