Snowstorm hits hard-local

Middle of April and still getting snow showers?  Who would have thought.  Over the weekend there was a giant snowstorm over Snoqualmie Pass with a devasting afterblow.  

The snowstorm hit Saturday afternoon and continued into the night.  Snowshoers, skiers and people up on the mountain were the most affected.  A few posts ago I mentioned how dogs were being used for avalanche rescue and were in the training process.  This exact situation is where their beneficial skills will come into play.  Animals that put in hard work in training for emergency and other situation are so honorable and should be recognized.  

The devastation from the storm Saturday is still hitting close to home as one victim has still not been found.  Tragedies occur all too often in this world and this is just another example of that.  Weather mother nature induced for crazy person set off, the outcome is still the same in any tragic situations.  

Although it’s impossible to eliminate these situations altogether it is possible for us all to come together and take part in the healing process during the aftermath.  Be as nice as you can to people and never take things for granted.


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