Police station falls short-national

Yet another tragedy has struck hard in our hearts this past week involving a firearm.  Too often lately are we exposed to sad stories all over every form of the news and media and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Recently a police chief in New Hampshire left his gun unattended and not stored properly in his home where teens had access to his firearm.  The police chief left his gun sitting atop a safe in an upstairs bedroom of his home while he left; His teenage daughter and her boyfriend were home alone in the home.  The boyfriend found the gun and committed suicide using the firearm.  

Its so tragic when our youth leave us too early and hits even harder when they take their own life and feel that is an only option.  This tragedy will affect the teenagers parents life, and many others, forever.  

The second maddening part to this story is the response to the press regarding the incident.  CNN published an article about the tragedy and it fell short on the sympathy side. It’s very clear that the PR team behind the police station needs some serious work.  The article lacked remorse and pointed out unnecessary and insensitive facts pointing out how this is the first time in 15 years the attorney has had to cite someone with this violation, and not in a shine good light on the station way, in an insensitive way.  The article always refers to the punishment as a “violation” throughout the whole article, which I don’t feel is a very fitting word.  

Stating that the offender will be charged with a maximum $1000 dollar fine for leaving his gun accessible and used in a teens death is extremely disgusting and probably should not have been published in the same article announcing the death and the incident.  People get speeding tickets for more than that and this man contributed to a death of a teen; sickening.  No other punishment was implied or mentioned.

In my opinion, more thought should have been put into the information released and published in this first article about the tragedy with a little more sensitivity to the incident.





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