Keep calm and graduate on

Today in literally all my classes some sort of graduation or post graduation plans, internships jobs were all discussed.  Sorta freaking when it sets in that us seniors in college will be setting foot into the post college, real world life in just two short months.  Between guest speakers and Skype sessions today it really set in.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one stressing out about what to do next.  Thankfully there are many many resources in assisting steps and tips over the place.  Look to your colleges, fellow classmates, online, any connections you have for advice; everyone has something to contribute and everyone is after the same goal.

Finding internships and interviewing for starting jobs can seem so intimidating but there are so many resources to be used to our advantage.  Today in our chapters PRSSA meeting we had the opportunity to Skype with NYC PR Girls, bloggers in the industry who do amazing things.  One of their recent posts is a great article relating to the graduates everywhere.  Check out the article here  

Unfortunately the cold truth is thousands of us are graduating in June and none of us are owed anything.  In the words of the wise Casey Cartwright, “you have to think short term as well as long.” Chances are well have to take yet another internship post graduation and that’s a reality we need to become familiar with now.  Working odd jobs and unpaid internships before landing our dream job is not uncommon and shouldn’t be frowned upon in any form. “Taking a job doesn’t mean that you have to stop pursuing a career,” also quoted by Casey.  

Keep all of this is mind and try to stay calm during this time of crazy.  ‘Keep calm and graduate on’ one might say.  



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