Who Needs a Vaca

Hotels and hot travel spots seem to be getting more and more glamorous.  Hotels in foreign countries and even right here in the USA for that matter, travel has a new face to it.  It’s no question that the tourism industry is growing and glitzing up all facets of it it the fastest way to create a boom.  PR is playing a huge role in this industry and a large part to its success.  Everything is being pumped up from shows to attend to where to stay to even how to get there.

Online website such as expedia, groupon, and travelocity are making trips more appeal-able by bundling them together.  This, my friends, is a fantastic campaign to make everything about this industry seem more obtainable to consumers.  Booking in packages, setting everything up for your whole trip right from your living room, buying timeshares to pick your travel dates while still having stake, it all seems so easy.

Marketing and advertising plans such as these work extremely well because this industry is growing so tremendously.  Plane tickets can be purchased based on ‘low fare calendars’ where travelers can pick their travel dates based on fares and cruise lines are moving towards the same system.  Travel and food networks are booming with shows highlighting ‘the best’ of places all around the world.  The best local places to eat, the best places to stay, best best best.  These shows are largely contributing towards the growing trends in this industry and they encourage travelers to see and experience new things.

Check out this list of  Top 10 Value Destinations for 2013 from CNN travel


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