What’s next for Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is buzzing around all sorts of news lately since reportedly ‘coming back’.  My question is back from where? I’m fully aware she had she health injuries which she took some time off for to recover but the media is making it seem like she traveled to some foreign planet or alternate universe. 

All of a sudden she’s ‘back’ and neither denying nor admitting to running for presidency in the next election.  Hillary Clinton is a strong politician and an even stronger woman.  Whatever she has up her sleeve, she knows damn well what she’s doing; the girl’s got strategy.  Her plan in motion must have some sort of PR behind it and probably for well reason.  As a woman even being considered as a candidate running for presidency, she has a lot of obstacles to overcome and a long way to go.  

It seems pretty obvious that she’s going to run so why not just announce it now and get it over with. We’re all waiting to see what her next move will be and I’m just as curious as the next.




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