Pay it Forward

We live in a cruel, cruel world.  ABC news recently published a story about an 89 year old elderly woman who was kidnapped and locked in her car trunk for two days.  How sickening. 

Reportedly four teenagers begged the elderly women for a ride across town and the woman, feeling generous, decided to do her good deed of the day and help the kids out.  Well, that ended badly. 

The world is a cruel place because of people exactly like these teenagers.  Violence has become a norm and nobody can simply do a good deed for the fact of doing a good deed without it backfiring in some way; pay it forward hardly exists anymore.

Some want to blame the news and the media for the way they highlight only negative stories and not enough good but that isn’t quite the case.  Yes, media outlets could chose to run more stories about positive things people do but is there really enough of those stories to generate an equal amount of positive stories versus negitive? No, because put simply,  people live for drama.  People report these stories and send them to the news because that’s what they want to watch and hear about.  If this story was simply the elderly woman doing a nice thing for some teenage children by giving them a ride across town and the story ended there who would really watch that?  The human drama adds forces a sense of attention because people find it interesting. 

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that people never do nice things, it’s just less common than the bad.  My challenge to all of you readers (which probablyf isn’t many) is to go do five pay-it-forwards this week.  Change the face of basic thinking and imagine that for at least a week people care more about the good that you do than the bad of others.  Imagine that everything nice thing you do will be a breaking story on the news and thousands will watch, see how your actions change. 

The woman’s message in this story to the children who did this to her is simple, “You got to be kind to other people.”

Take that and run with it.



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