High Risk, High Love

While recently reading an article I found a link too from CNN, it really got me thinking.  The article was about high risk dog breeds and why insurance may not cover certain breeds of dogs.

I find the fact that an insurance agency would not allow an owner to put health insurance on certain types of dog breeds absolutely appalling.  Why is it that certain animals wouldn’t be covered simply based on assumptions about their breed?  Do we do that to people?  Certain tests allow doctors to predict genetic situations based on their parents health history and detect if they are at high risk for certain cancers, diseases, etc.  Those people are still allowed health insurance.  Yes, I understand dogs and people are not at all the same, but why is it that an animal who is supposedly at high risk for needing health care not allowed health care?  It baffles my mind. People develop a strong love towards their pets and treat them in some cases like they would their children. 

In my opinion, discriminating against certain dog breeds is putting a bad name on pet insurance companies.  This is a growing industry that they could really market on but not if they don’t re think their approach.



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