Eating for Two

Fact: You gain weight while being pregnant. Whoa, shocker! 

This may seem like common sense so why are people so set on pointing out flaws on Kim K’s body since she announced her pregnancy?  Harsh comments and staged photos are flying over the web recently with “breaking stories” that just aren’t that breaking.  “Kim K ate an ice cream cone because she just can’t stop eating!” No Kim probably ate an ice cream cone because she wanted some dessert. 

The media bashing on Kim for being pregnant is ignorant and clearly for a lack of interesting social news.  Whatever your thoughts on Kim Kardashian may be, put those aside and consider that she’s just a preggo lady trying to grow a healthy baby and be excited about it.  Singling her out and making her weight gain seem like her life is ending isn’t going to make her any less of the usual Kim K everyone loves to hate. 

Perhaps medialites just need something to create a buzz around her but it’s getting old.  She has already branded an image for herself and people already know her name (despite the fact she’s famous for being famous).  People love to hate her yet can’t stop watching her next move. Maybe it’s her PR people, maybe it’s just the news or maybe a combo of both but it’s already happened.  She’s pregnant, she’s going to gain weight.  We all heard the news, time to move on.


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