Boy Meets Girl

If you haven’t heard about the sequel to hit series from the 90’s ‘Boy Meets World’ you’ve been living under a rock.  I grew up loving this show and still to this day watch repeats while getting ready in the mornings so you can understand my excitement when they announced a sequel was in the makes early this year. 

As if that wasn’t exciting enough it was announced last week that infamous Mr. Feeny has signed on to continue into the sequel! 

In the sequel Cory and Topanga (that’s right, they’re married, yay!) have a daughter and they take on the roles of the parents.  The show changes generations and their daughter plays the role we normally know as Cory and his gang.

The factor of this show that will make it inevitably successful is the fact that the producers are bringing back the important characters from the original show.  Way to go Disney Channel! Keeping original characters and slowly announcing their roles in the sequel is a fantastic pr campaign on the producers and networks part. Keeping the audience interested and capturing excitement through the duration until the show airs is something that will work.  In this day of technology with so many new movies and shows coming and going finding a way to capture attention is essential to creating success. 

Read the announcement of Mr. Feeny here!

Mr. Feeny's coming to 'Girl Meets World'


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