Avoiding the burnout

That college mentality of late night studying sessions and staying out late on the weekends comes with hard habits to break. A popular struggle for all new professionals stepping out into the big world is learning how to find a balance; a balance between social life and the new careers are we all embracing.

It can be a hard struggle to find the appropriate balance between putting in too many hours at a new job to not putting enough.  You want to impress your boss but you can’t run the risk of burning out either.  That college mentality we have tends to roll over into our career field and it can be a hard battle to win.  The same goes for a social life as well; work hard play hard became a catch phrase for a reason.  When starting any new chapter of your life, including new jobs or promotions, moving, etc. it’s important to keep a balance of social to work so you can succeed and stay motivated.

This is a battle I’m currently involved with between working two jobs, an internship, a full course load trying to have this thing called a social life.  This news article from PRSA helped me tremendously and gives some really great tips from a professional who has been there and made it out alive.



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