Anne Smedinghoff

Tragedy and hit and hit again throughout the past years post 9/11.  It always hits hard to home when you hear about any tragedy weather you knew the person or not.  This past week a U.S. Diplomat, Anne Smedinghoff, was killed in Afghanistan from a suicide bomb attack.  All reports of this young woman describe her as a very loving person and enjoying the work she was doing.  It’s so hard seeing people who dedicate their lives and put them on the line lose everything.  

I think too often unless you directly know someone in this war or follow the news feed very closely, those fighting overseas don’t get the recognition they deserve.  When 9/11 happened, everyone experienced that tragedy.  Everyone was affected and everyone followed the news so closely after the tragedy.  Once the shock wore off however it seemed like people lost interest in the current news going on with our troops, where every they may be.  Despite the news constantly reporting and updating, it seems like an afterthought.  Weather you understand the war or the politics behind it or anything about it at all, these are still real people fighting for our freedom.

I wanted to share the story of this young woman to highlight the courage she had and give her the recognition she deserves.  Read her story and think about all she did.  Then take a few moments and think about everyone else overseas and give some thoughts to them and their loved ones.  Now repeat often.


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