My Own Little Easter Bunny

This past Sunday I, like most other families, celebrated the Easter holiday.  My sister, brother, his girlfriend and my mother all spent the day together and it was wonderful.  But what I’ll remember looking back on this holiday weekend years from now isn’t the delicious ham dinner or the nice weather, it will be the build up of weekend activities to the actual holiday that will stick in my mind.  

All over town festivities took over in the form of easter egg hunts for children, church services, picnics, etc.  The unusual event was one unique to little old Ellensburg and one I had the greatest time at. An Easter egg hunt for dogs! What could be better?!  The hunt was sponsored and put on by the Parks and Rec and the Downtown Association.  The hunt was for doggy biscuits and various other treats that were strategically placed across the park yard along with four plastic eggs that could be redeemed for pooch prizes.  

The dogs had a chance to socialize, make new pooch friends and have a great time participating in a holiday traditionally reserved for children.  I dressed my pretty little Easter puppy up in bunny ears and she was the hit of the hunt,she even found an egg and won a prize!

This particular event was unique because of the holiday it was formed around.  Easter is most commonly celebrated in a church setting for obvious reasons.  We all know how daunting holidays can be spending them alone and no matter if you practice the holiday or not, being surrounded by holiday reminders is inevitable from all factors around you.  Specials at the grocery stores, recipes online, reminders everywhere, holiday cheer, so on and so forth, its inevitable.  I really enjoyed this event for the simple reason that this allowed an outlet for people of any sort to enjoy the holiday in their own way.  If you’re alone you bring your dog and meet other people alone, the hunt wasn’t religious in any way and didn’t require you to have certain beliefs, people got to participate in some form of the holiday rather then sitting home online knowing everyone else is celebrating something-all while promoting community involvement!

I think planning events such as these offer all community members a chance to be involved.  Non traditional events and even events in general bring community members together and offer something to everyone.  This particular event is just a prime example of the downtown associations rocked attempt at planning a successful and fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Check out how cute my pooch was!



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