Aid for one and Aid all…including Dogs?

While perusing on MSN news a few days ago, I came across a really interesting article that jumped out at me from the title.  Now I should mention I read/follow/obsess over anything dog related so based on the name Fido in the title, I was hooked.  “Food Stamps for Fido and Fluffy” yes, you guessed it…food stamps for dogs are now a thing.

I’m sure there’s many discussions to be had about this topic but before you jump to conclusions, read the facts.  These are NOT government issued.  The do NOT come from your tax dollars.  They are simply distributed from an organization with a love for dogs.  Read the attached article and you’ll get all the basic facts.

The ultimate question that I’m sure is the forefront of everyone’s minds is: Should people who can’t afford to provide proper care for their pets even be allowed to have pets? Think about that for a moment.  Really think about it.  Dogs are notoriously known as man’s best friend and viewed to some as an essential key in living happy.  If you have such a strong bond to something you love wouldn’t you do anything to keep that thing in your life?  Especially if it’s something that relies on you and has a bond with you as well.  Who’s to say who is fit to own a pet or not?  There’s millions of parents out there who can’t afford to feed their children and what happens to them…they receive aid in the form of food stamps.  I for one and ecstatic that the same option is now available to individuals who need it for their pets.

I will say that not everyone is fit to be a pet owner.  There should be basic requirements for receiving this aid much like interviews for government assistance.  There’s a difference between being a poor pet owner who truly loves their pets and pet owners who just have their pet to have a pet.  I hope people will use this assistance respectfully and save it for people who truly need it.

Read the article and form your own opinion but I wanted to shed light on the amazing thing this organization is doing.


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